After spending the last week unpacking box after box of supplies, equipment, decor, kids books, ect…In short receiving more packages than I have ever on Christmas or even for our recent wedding I went to unload the last of the cardboard to McIntire Recycling Center.  I must say I was quite impressed by the line to get into the recycling center.  I have made so many small efforts to develop the office to be one with a much smaller carbon footprint than every other office that I’ve worked in.  Minimal disposables, less water usage, refurbished perfectly good older equipment, energy star appliances, and RECYCLING.  It seems I am not alone.  We are an office who strives to not only be conservative and caring in treating patients but conservative and caring in dealing with the waste we create.  I am hopeful word gets out to the community and others who hold the same green beliefs I do and they come to see what we are doing at Ivy Dental.

To learn more about the efforts of other Eco Friendly Dentists here is an organization of which I’m working to become a member.

Cville dentist working to join the Eco dentistry Association

Ivy Dental is C’ville’s first dentist working to join the Eco Dentistry Association