It’s not too late to get your last minute gifts.  I have linked everything to Amazon so if you order in the next couple days with prime you will still get your presents in time!  Of course your local stores will also likely have all of these great gift ideas!

Christmas gifts don’t have to be another typical sweater, holiday inspired tie or another candle or bottle of perfume!  I’d like to give a few suggestions for something that will;

1.  BE USEFUL.  ( I’m a sucker for a practical gift…)

2.  Promote good HEALTH

3.  FUN new gadget ( b/c really, people love gadgets)

4. Can potentially SAVE someone you love MONEY

5.  Makes someone SMILE a little brighter!

We all know health care is expensive.  I am a dentist and I know dental care is expensive.  So how to save??? PREVENTION.  These home care gadgets can help improve your oral health at home which can only mean you likely will need to see us LESS.  You are always welcome to come in and hang out, we love our patients and enjoy your visits.  But lets chat at Fridays after Five this spring and not have you in here to treat your gum disease all winter.

So from my research with some of my favorite hygienists, continuing education, my experience and of course Amazon reviews here is my TOP 5 BEST HOLIDAY DENTAL HEALTH GIFT GUIDE.


#5 Toothbrush Timer.toothbrush timer

These little TWO MINUTE timers ( recommended tooth brushing time) are great if you don’t have an electric toothbrush that tells you when your two minutes is up.  They make great stocking stuffers.

#4.  Electric Toothbrush.OralB-Professional-Electric-Toothbrushes-1

Here is an article I found reviewing the different models.  These are great for removing plaque and as coffee and red wine drinkers we love the stain removal of these at our house! Personally, I wouldn’t spring for the highest end ones that are getting into the $200 range.  Do I have one?  Yes.   Someone gave it to me and I do love it.  But, my husband has one that is the basic model and it does a great job too.  I’m personally a Sonicare fan as I like the motion of the brush the best.  However, the Oral B does seem like a great bargin.  At the end of the day there are so many good options.  A few suggestions would be to 1. look for one that is rechargeable.  You do not want to be replacing batteries all of the time.  Costly and wasteful.   2.  Give a pack of extra tooth brush heads.  These are not cheap but very worth it and my heart was broken when I learned my family went back to a manual brush because they didn’t want to buy the replacement heads after they all got electric toothbrushes for Christmas years ago!

Bonus:  Kid specific electric toothbrushes that can sync with an app to encourage proper brushing

#3 Tooth Whitening Kit.



This can be purchased over the counter or from your dentist ( or me… included in Ivy Dental Services :).  The difference with over the counter and the whitening products from dental professionals is 1. strength of the product 2. form fitting trays made specifically for your teeth.  The white strips actually work fine for most people.  Yes, I sell in office whitening and I prefer that in all honesty I’ve used Crest White Strips years ago and were happy with the results back then.  The downside was mainly that the things moved while I was wearing them which was annoying and I tasted more of the product which was gross.  However, this really is only good if you have straight teeth.  If you have crowing or spacing it will be difficult to get the strips flush over your teeth.  So here is my plug.  Getting a friend or family member whitening with professionally made trays to fit their teeth is more pleasant and more effective.  Not to mention the trays can last for years and years being re-used as they touch up their teeth and only needing to buy refills of the whitening gel ( Which I sell pretty inexpensively).  PS.  Did I mention you can get FREE WHITENING as a new patient when your care is complete?  Please ask if you come into our office!


#2 Water Irrigator


Aka: ”Waterpik” ( but technically that is a brand of water irrigator and there are many more out there).  Again, here is an article comparing different dental irrigator systems.  I am getting myself one of these for Christmas.  Since reading in a journal article that these little gadgets are providing great benefits for people who struggle with gum care ( hello….who doesn’t love to floss?? Everyone is flossing everyday right???? ;).  So while I continue to encourage everyone to floss daily ( B/c that’s my job) I want to be realistic.  So here is a great addition or alternative to flossing.  There are models that hook up to your shower or those that sit on the countertop.  Whatever your preference hygienists rave about the benefits of these irrigators, they give haters of flossing an alternative, $30-$60 on this gadget is way cheaper than needing gingival therapy ( Scaling and Root planning or seeing a specialist for your periodontal disease… $100’s- $1000’s).  Plus, it actually sounds like fun :).

#1 Gift of a dental appointment.



It’s simple, something everyone needs and likely desires if they don’t have the insurance to cover it and see a dental cleaning as a luxury.  People give massages, facials, gym memberships and manicure/pedicures , why not teeth cleaning and check up?  Plus, you can make the gift certificate at home on Christmas Eve, they can schedule their appointment online at their continence and for $99 someone can walk away with a clean feeling mouth, p0lished and perhaps comforted and happy that they found an easy going dentist that isn’t intimidating and really cares about their health and comfort.

We continue to welcome new patients at Ivy Dental, Happy Holidays!