Things to remember when visiting Ivy Dental

  1. You are in charge.  This is your body, your mouth, and your choice to be here.  We are not going to get mad at you if we need to stop, slow down or explain something to help you be more comfortable.  We are well aware that some ( okay, maybe lots) of people do not LOVE visiting the dentist.  We are here to help change that, so please let us know what it is you need to be more comfortable for your dental visits.  At every visit I will start by saying ” please raise your hand if you’d like us to stop for any reason”.  This is 100% true.  You call the shots in the dental chair.IvyDental_027
  2. You can have ”laughing gas” for any procedure you want…just ask!  We are happy to offer Nitrous Oxide to all of our patients at a low cost to help everyone be more comfortable.  Nitrous Oxide is an inhaled gas that is extremely safe and short acting.  As long as you are breathing it in your fears are reduced, your dental anxiety floats away and you can easily zone out and enjoy your time laying in the chair.  The best part it, as soon as we turn it off and give you 100% oxygen for a few minutes the effects wear off and you are able to be fully functional to drive yourself home from your appointment.  It’s easy, it’s relaxing and very low cost.
  3. Are you cold? Does your neck hurt? How can we make you more comfortable in the dental chair?  Medical and dental offices are cold and often feel ”sterile”.  While things do have to be clean and actually sterile in a medical or dental office we have blankets for you to get comfy in the dental chair and neck pillows that we launder in house.  We like to keep these around to make everyone’s visit as comfortable as possible.
  4. Does music help you relax at the dentist?  Perhaps a movie?  We have televisions on the ceilings of our treatment rooms to both provide patient education so you can see your own teeth and know why we are recommending your treatment.  These screens are also great for movies for kids during procedures to distract them or music during patient appointments to help distract from the sounds of your appointment.  Feel free to bring headphones and your own music if there is something in particular that you would like to listen to.  Brandon and I would love to entertain you and distract you with our chit chat and we certainly understand if you want silence or something specific to listen to.  Please let us know what it is that would make your appointment most comfortable!
  5. Essential Oils to Relax.  I must say, I stole this from the local gym after LOVING the lavender scented cool towels when I left.  So we have lavender aromatherapy mister in the waiting room to help you start to relax before you even sit in the chair and are starting to offer heated lavender towels to wipe your face clean following your appointment.  From another local small business owner at the Oil n Herb Shop we have been introduced to how helpful the right essential oils can be for anxiety and calming.  Coming in March we look forward to offering a warm moist lavender towel following your appointment.   Ivy Dental never set out to be a ”dental spa” atmosphere.  BUT fresh scents and comfortable atmosphere is a must if patients are going to enjoy their visit.6. Most importantly trusting your dentist and dental team.  We at Ivy Dental are here to communicate with you and build trust from Day 1.  Everything from great patient education with showing you your digital XRays on the screen and discussing your care to building a comfortable relationship with Dr. Harding and her team.  We take great pride in being anything but intimidating and like to maintain a somewhat casual, always friendly relationship with our patients.  Feel free to call or email the office any time if you have questions or concerns and we will set aside a time to talk with you to alleviate any concerns or fears you may have.