Ivy Dental provides a variety of payment options, accepts ALL forms of insurance, offers an Eco Saver discount, and provides a Dental Savings Program to help make dental care affordable if you do not have insurance.

Payment Options

Payment in Full

We provide a 5% discount for those who pay in full.

Monthly Payment Plan

We offer a 4 month payment plan, distributing the cost of your procedure over four bills by billing a credit card on file. There is a 5% management fee and a down payment required for this plan.


We accept ALL forms of insurance and file on behalf of our patients. Additionally, if you’re one of the 100 million Americans without health insurance, our Dental Savings Program is designed to help.

Eco Saver Discount

We also offer a 5% discount off the total for bike commuters, walkers, or users of public transportation.

Dental Savings Program

If you do not have dental insurance we encourage you to take advantage of this program. The Dental Savings Program is a one-year contract that provides many of the benefits of traditional dental insurance at a fraction of the cost.


For Details see Dental Savings Program page