If you have been in the office lately it’s nothing but obvious Dr. Harding is expecting baby #2 fairly soon.  Perhaps a little late for this “announcement” but we did want to help you get to know Dr. Schaap and Dr. Casey a little better before she steps away for a couple months.  Dr. Alex Schaap initially started with the office in the summer of 2016 when Addison ( Dr. H baby #1) came along and he has been our Friday doctor in the house ever since.  Dr. Paul Casey started with the team on Thursdays back in August of this year and many of our patients have been happy to find his approach to patient care is quite similar to that of Dr. Harding.  We were thrilled to simply add on a day for each of these gentlemen rather than have to find a short term addition to the office.  The office will be seeing patients Tuesday through Fridays until Dr. Harding returns on February 18th to open up Mondays again.

As you may imagine Dr. Harding’s first “child” was Ivy Dental and it isn’t easy for her to be away. Thank you to all of our existing and new patients for your understanding and patience with us as we juggle the logistics of Dr. Harding taking some time for her family.