Ivy Dental Savers Plan


Our in house dental plan is a one year contract subscribing you and your family to many of the benefits of traditional dental insurance but without the hassle of dealing with the insurance company.  Simply you pay for your plan, your cleanings, exams and X-Rays are covered and you receive a discount on everything else.  Yes, it is that simple.


Affordable Rates


On average large corporate dental insurance companies charge $12 more than Ivy Dental Savers per month.


Individual – $300/year


Students & Seniors – $285/year

Student Dental Savings Plan details

Couple – $550/year


Additional Family Member – $225/year


Plan Benefits:


  • 2 Exams
  • 2 Cleanings
  • 1 set of X Rays ( recommended annual XRays)
  • Flouride treatment included for children or discounted to $10/adult
  • Bi-annual Oral Cancer Screening
  • All other services discounted 20%




  • No negotiating treatment based on what insurance will reimburse.  We are simply able to treatment plan your needs and provide you the best treatment customized for your oral health.
  • No waiting periods on large procedures or cosmetic procedures.
  • No waiting on preauthorization or risk of denials.
  • No annual maximum ( Most insured dental plans max out after $500-$1200/ yr )




  • This is a Dental Discount Program and NOT conventional Dental Insurance.  Treatment outside our office is NOT covered.
  • This program can not be combined with any other dental insurance, offers or discounts
  • Family members must reside in the same household
  • Excludes Care Credit
  • Gingival Therapy appointments and periodontal care; including debridements and scaling and root planning,  do not qualify for free cleanings but procedures discounted at 20%