Aside from these being adorable and fun a lot of thought has gone into these toothbrushes.  How are these better than your typical #5 plastic toothbrush??

Quick Facts:

*Bamboo is sustainable….it grows like a weed replenishing itself.

*Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial.  We know germs are everywhere, but if we can keep them from multiplying on your toothbrush I think everyone can feel a little more at ease.

*Nylon bristles are made from recycled materials ( they even made these bristles detachable so they can go into your everyday recycling while the handle gets thrown into the compost to begin to biodegrade naturally).

*Nylon used is BPA free

*Moso Bamboo is grown organically without pesticides and Pandas don’t like the taste so we aren’t taking away any of their natural food source.

At Ivy Dental we are collecting your used plastic toothbrushes and will deliver them to the #5 collection at our local Whole Foods.  At your next dentist appointment forego the plastic and pick up a bamboo toothbrush knowing you’re making a small choice that leads to a bigger impact.

Whoohooo for WooBamboo! Learn more.