Dr. Harding has a long history with treating the underserved community and their dental needs.  As a dental student at the University of Louisville Dr. Harding was given a scholarship to help with the surrounding areas dental needs in the public health clinics.  She and her classmates would travel the state volunteering their services to those in need of extractions or basic restorative care.  Dr. Harding has attended both MOM and RAM projects here in Virginia and back home in Kentucky.  Formally a dentist serving the Augusta Free Clinic and most recently the Director of the Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic (PRDC).  Dr. Harding is very comfortable with both simple and surgical extractions.  Working as adjunct faculty with VCU dental school Dr. Harding mentors students once a week at PRDC in Orange, VA and often at the Saturday clinics at the Charlottesville Free Clinic

An estimated 3.8 million Virginians – more than 47% of our total population – do not have dental insurance according to the Virginia Health Care Foundation.  Our local free clinic has quite a waiting list.  For emergency pain the waiting list may only be a couple weeks, however for restorative care the waiting list is over a year long.  If you are experiencing tooth pain or know someone who is in need of an extraction and without insurance Ivy Dental and Dr. Harding will do what we can to help.  Untreated dental abscesses can be a severe and dangerous health risk.  We can prevent a bad situation from getting worse by fixing the tooth or if circumstances don’t allow we will extract.  Dr. Harding has REDUCED FEES FOR EXTRACTIONS to help keep those with low income in our community out of pain and out of the emergency room for their dental emergency.